900% increase in conversion rate for Rich-Store, a small business owner and start-up that repairs iPhones.

We helped to grow his sales from €3.000 monthly to over €30.000 a month.

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How we increased revenue for Rich-Store

Rich Store, a small business, who started from his living room repairing iPhones needed help in growing his business. During our intake talk he explained us everything about his business. Repairing iPhones was going great and he could made a living from it. His next market opportunity was growing his webshop that he recently started.

Conversion goal

Based on the current landing page, the primary conversion goal was to convert users from the website to make an appointment with Rich-Store to repair their phone. This appointment can be made via a phone call or using the contact form.


We took the bull by its horns and analysed his current business and website. We came to a conclusion that having a webshop is a great asset but there was more potential in growing his current business than starting a new one from scratch. His current customers are all happy with 5 star reviews given and up to 20% of his current customers became returning customer or recommended their friends to Rich-Store.

Based on the analysis we created a list of items that to focus on to make sure we reached the conversion goal.

  • Make the phone number more prominent for users to find it
  • Add unique selling points and key selling points to differentiate from competitors
  • By doing a market and competitor research it became clear that it all comes down to pricing and service
  • Add the function to browse pricing for your repair

Based on the conversion goal and the important focus points we changed the landing page design.

  • Changing design to make it more appealing
  • Adding USP and KSP (unique selling points and key selling points)
  • Adding product photos
  • Changing the way the user interacted with the product selection and pricing overview
  • Adding the phone number more prominent on top of the page
A/B test

Running the new landing page in an A/B test gave us insights on which design received the most conversion.

Our new version won by 60% more conversion.


After seeing positive results for incoming calls and a growth of 200% in appointments we noticed we were on the right track.

  • The overall bounce rate dropped massively from 65% to 12%
  • 200% growth in appointments
  • 60% more conversion on the new landing page

All of these changes started improving his sales.

Final reporting reported growth in his sales from €3.000 monthly to over €30.000 a month. We measured 900% increase in conversion rate (sales) for Rich-Store.

To keep the revenue on the same level we worked on several different other aspect of the website and repeated the success of the first test.

  • We improved the contact page
  • We created a separate landing page for a best selling product: 'Gorilla Glass'
  • We applied changes to the overall website
  • Create ads on Google AdWords to reach a broader audience

In the end Rich-Store was put on the market and sold. We lost a client but nevertheless this was a great success story that ended up in a happy client that was able to sell his business.

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